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Tips for Staging Every Room in Your Home

by Competitive Edge Real Estate Services 04/08/2022

There is a lot that goes in to home staging beyond just tidying up. Interior designers and real estate experts have found specific ways to make the absolute best of any home by knowing how to make the best of every room. General staging tips like cleaning and going for neutral colors apply everywhere, but here are some tips and tricks for staging every room of the house:

Living Room

  • Create Symmetry - If you’re stumped about how to arrange your furniture or decorative items in your living room, go for symmetry. Placing smaller pieces like throw pillows, table lamps and end tables evenly is pleasing to the eye and will let buyers focus on the room itself.

  • Highlight Important Features - Does your living room have a particular selling point like a working fireplace or a bay window? Make sure you give special attention to these features in cleaning and decorating.

  • Remove Some Furniture - One secret to making a room look larger is removing at least one piece of furniture. Even in tiny spaces you can create the illusion of more space by removing what is least essential. Things like bookcases, sideboard tables and extra seating are examples of things to stow away.


  • Pack Away (Almost) All Dishes - Leaving a single set of (ideally matching) dishware in your cabinets will help the kitchen feel lived in while making it appear more spacious. Removing clutter is important, but keeping a small amount of dishes and flatware keeps the space from feeling too sterile.

  • Clean Your Fridge - If your fridge is covered in magnets and reminders it’s time to stash those away. This hides personal touches that could distract buyers and also keeps the focus on the appliance itself. Don’t forget the inside, too: scrub all the drawers and shelves in your fridge until they look brand new.

  • Empty & Hide the Trash - While emptying the trash might seem like enough, take it a step further and remove the trash bins entirely. If they’re usually located under the sink, hide them somewhere else and leave that space empty instead. This is an instant way to create more storage space in the eyes of a potential buyer.


  • Hide All Personal Products - Any and all personal products should be removed from the bathroom. Don’t settle for tossing everything in a drawer, either: clear out all the storage space to create a clean slate.

  • Add White Towels - Fluffy white towels instantly turn any bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat. Even if you have nice towels of another color, consider swapping them out for white ones. This makes the bathroom look bright and clean while creating a calm, clean environment.

  • Don’t Forget the Toilet - Like it or not, the toilet is one of the most important appliances in your home. Make sure you scrub it clean and fix any nagging issues like leaks or running water. For an extra boost, replace your toilet seats with new ones.


  • Stay Neutral - While you’re probably sticking to neutral colors and decor in the rest of the house, it’s especially important in the bedrooms. Avoid anything gendered or aimed at specific interests or hobbies. You can still use color and minor decorative touches but the more neutral the better.

  • Stow Your Valuables - Any jewelry, heirlooms or treasured memorabilia should be safely stowed away. This not only reduces clutter but keeps your valuables safe from any chance of damage or theft.

  • Show Off the Closet - Take extra time to clean and organize your bedroom closets, as they are a huge selling point in any home. For a quick staging hack: pack up all but 3 outfits’ worth of clothing and accessories to make your closet look more spacious.

These are just some tips for home staging beyond the obvious deep clean. Working with a real estate agent or home staging professional can also help you make your home look like the absolute best on the market.